Our Fitness Journeys

Brad’s Fitness Journey: I began my fitness journey working out with my dad in our garage gym thirteen years ago. I continued weightlifting through college, with limited knowledge, like every other typical college student. Once I joined the Navy, I started researching programming methods and diets. I was exposed to so many different types of training while working with Navy SEALS and completing U.S. Navy Dive School. I decided to compete in a physique competition at the end of 2014, after being persuaded by numerous friends. After my competition, I struggled with post-show body image issues. I also felt there had to be a better way to train for a show than the method I was coached through, full of excess cardio, muscle loss, and low calorie meals. That’s when I began following the nutrition program, “If It Fits Your Macros” (IIFYM). I then began reading thousands of research papers and academic journals on everything from protein synthesis, nutrition timing, occlusion training, muscle growth, and much more. I continue to learn new things every day and feel called to share my experience and findings with others.

Aubrie’s Fitness Journey: Although I hadn’t realized it at the time, my fitness journey truly began when I was in middle school and high school watching my two older sisters and many personal friends go through eating disorders and struggling with my own body image. My dad always encouraged me to lift weights and would take me with him to early-morning football training with my brother. Even with the right encouragement and direction I, too, eventually struggled with disordered eating in high school and college. I fell into cycles of restricted eating, feelings of guilt and shame, which lead to almost daily binges. It was only after I started CrossFit at the age of 18 that I changed my outlook on the human body and food intake. I saw that food was fuel for my body and I felt better mentally and physically when I worked hard and ate adequately. It has been eight years since I began CrossFit, and I have spent many days training for CrossFit regionals on a team, competitive powerlifting, competitive Olympic weightlifting, coaching CrossFit with an L1 certification, apprenticing in the CrossFit weightlifting seminars, and experimenting with various nutritional programs such as the Paleo diet, the Zone diet, Eat to Perform, clean eating, carb-cycling and carb-loading, calorie counting, you name it I’ve probably tried it! It was not until February 2016 that I started intertwining bodybuilding and CrossFit style training (I have dubbed it “Globo-Fit”), along with a macro-based diet, that I saw my body transform the way I had always wanted it to. I am passionate about helping others find the same balanced lifestyle that I have found, in which they can maintain a healthy body and mind while training hard and having fun.

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