It’s Bulking Season!!

That’s right people, its time to get Chubby. Chumby. Flubby. Fluffy. Marshmallowy. Gooey. Pudgy. Soft.

It’s like hunting season. Except instead of live animals, we are searching for donuts and pizza and tacos and bagels and bacon and candy.

Okay I may have gone a little overboard but you get the picture. No, we don’t plan on getting fat in the next couple of months. Neither Brad nor I can mentally handle getting too fluffy. We would like our clothes to still fit and we still want to feel confident with our many vacations coming up this year. Some of our gym pals, however, don’t mind getting really heavy during their off-season. They embrace it, and that’s completely okay. Everyone treats their ‘bulk’ differently. More eating, more lifting heavy, more muscle growth. It’s a beautiful thing.

A year ago, if you even asked me what ‘bulking’ was, I could maybe tell you stories about guys in high school drinking a gallon of whole milk per day or football players in college eating six plates per meal at the Food Zoo just to gain weight. I didn’t really understand the concept of it all until recently. Why would someone want to get huge? Especially my lady friends, why in the world would you want to add extra fat on? Plus, when you use the term ‘bulk’ all people really hear is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s voice coming out of a juiced up meat-head saying ‘I like bread, here put ten raw eggs in dat protein smoothie’

Well, now I understand. And although I’m not entirely comfortable with it, it has been fun in the last week to eat more than I am used to. For those of you who are confused, bulking is simply intentionally eating within a precise surplus in order to gain and grow muscle. This last spring Brad and I spent around six months leaning out and experimenting with our macros, and it was awesome. I had never seen my body transform in such a way. Some days were not that fun when all I wanted to do was eat a little more chocolate or a little more chicken (believe it or not, the hardest part was decreasing my protein little by little and not being able to eat a whole chicken breast at every meal). All in all, I am excited to do that again, but next time, I want to see more muscle. If more muscle is my goal, then I can’t keep eating within a deficit. Which means (drum roll, please…) I have to GROW! I have to EAT!

Sadly, this doesn’t mean Brad and I get to eat whatever we want. Yes, there are more days now that we go out with friends to eat or days where we can feel more relaxed about eating more. I increased my carb intake a bit, kept my protein and fat the same and for two weeks I’m going to see how my body responds. I am not hoping to gain a particular amount of pounds or even gain a lot of weight at all, but I know that eating more and having more energy to work out harder can only result in more muscle growth. The best part is that I get to have a poptart, a FREAKING POPTART, every day before I work out (which I’ve actually found to be a great pre-workout energy source, if you haven’t tried it then DO IT. NOW).

The point of this blog is not to encourage you to do the same and go out there and eat the world. In fact, please don’t because there won’t be any left for me. I’m simply just expressing my excitement over this little journey we are taking. Although Brad has, I’ve never intentionally tried to put on size before and I can’t wait to see how my body reacts over the next month or two. I honestly think that bulking may be slightly more difficult for me mentally--there will be many days where I will have to coach myself into believing that what I am doing is working and it is for good reason. Thankfully Brad is a huge support system and can help me make adjustments as needed. Stay tuned, who knows what other exciting news may come up in the next couple of months!

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