Why CrossFit is Better Than Bodybuilding

It’s not.

In fact, in the fitness world, I truly believe there is not one method that is better than the other. Although you may disagree, hear me out:

When I “crossed over” from seven years of CrossFit into more conventional weightlifting, you better believe I got flack for it; I even lost friendships over it! I was actually embarrassed at some points to admit that I stopped training at a CrossFit gym. Looking back, I find it a bit crazy that I even felt that way. In the last year, I made it my goal to break down some of the walls between CrossFit and Bodybuilding, because I believe when you intertwine the two, you can get some amazing results. On my journey to breaking down those walls, I also found that there was judgment surrounding other ways of fitness--my reasoning for this short (and sweet) blog.

Photo Courtesy of Dan Lao, Acuo CrossFit, my brother from another mother

You look at people doing yoga, power walking, doing hours of cardio, Orange Theory Fitness, Country Heat, Beach Body, P90X, Pilates, Barre, lifting weights, running marathons, CrossFit, jiu jitsu, boxing, Olympic weightlifting, power lifting, the list goes on and on; what do those people have in common? The desire to better themselves. The desire to live a healthier life. Putting it simply, I see nothing wrong with that.

I have fitness preferences, yes. I have knowledge about portions of the above list, yes. I do my best to educate others about what has worked for me regarding fitness and nutrition, yes. But at the end of the day, I LOVE what I do to stay fit and that is the sole reason I do it each and every day. One of my greatest mentors, Dan Lao at Acuo CrossFit, told me this recently and it couldn't be more true: The best workout is the one that you do. Even when you convince someone that A, B, or C is the best way to workout, if they don't stick with it, it doesn't work.

It is January, a time of goal-setting and resolutions. It may be easy to place judgment on the routes of others as they attempt to find what they love to do. The most important thing you can do as a fellow “fitfam” member is to keep encouraging them to be better than they were yesterday.

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