BCAA Jello - Macro Friendly Recipe

This is just a quick video showing you how to make our BCAA Jello. It takes 32 oz of a zero calorie sports drink, 2 packets of gelatin, 2-3 scoops of BPN Intraflight BCAAs, some stevia, and you are done! Use the code DYW10 for 10% off at www.bareperformanenutrition.com if you need some Intraflight BCAAs. Never too late to join the "Shredding for the Wedding" support group. You can find it on Facebook under "DYW Shredding for the Wedding" or send us an email at dywfitness@gmail.com to get involved! Thanks for watching! Don’t forget to like and subscribe! DYW10 for 10% off at bareperformanenutrition.com www.dywfitness.com Facebook.com/determineyourworth IG: @DetermineYourWorth @bbromlow @aubrieb DM or email us @determineyourworth with any questions! Personalized workout and nutrition programs available: dywfitness@gmail.com

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