Alcohol and Eating Out While Dieting/Cutting, How We Do It! - SFTW S2 Ep8 Midweek

Aubrie and I were invited to attend a media opening of a new restaurant, FM Kitchen. We got to sample some of the items on the menu, which included some foods we don’t normally eat and some alcohol, which got us thinking that people probably wanted to know how we tracked eating out and alcohol. In this video, we go over those topics and a little more. Again, this is how WE handle eating out and alcohol, which may not work for everyone. Never too late to join the "Shredding for the Wedding" support group. You can find it on Facebook under "DYW Shredding for the Wedding" or send us an email at to get involved! Thanks for watching! Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe! DYW10 for 10% off at IG: @DetermineYourWorth @bbromlow @aubrieb DM or email us @determineyourworth with any questions! Personalized workout and nutrition programs available:

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