Aubrie's Back and Abs Workout July 27

See today's insta story for video examples!

Warm up on rower: entire song of Calvin Harris' "Feels" get pumped!!

(Stretch of course too)

Superset 5x10:

Single arm seated cable rows (10 each arm)

Wide grip standing lat pull down (don't use arms! Focus on LATS!)

Superset 4x10:

Narrow grip standing lat pull down

Seated cable rows (SQUEEZE!)

Superset 3x10 (heavy):

Seated lat pull down

Bent over row with ez bar (underhand, bring to belly button)

Rope behind head pull downs

Superset 3x12 on smith machine:

Bent over wide grip overhand row

Bent over narrow grip underhand row

5 rounds as fast as possible:

5 power cleans from ground (95#)

10 frogger abs or v-sits (10# ball, see insta story for video example)

Superset 3x15:

Seated lat pull down machine light

Leg raises on parallel bars


3x15 ab machine

2x50 Russian twists (speed!)

2x75 ankle grabbers (speed!)

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