Pre-Wedding Q&A, Adoption Kids, How we met, Wedding Budget, Our Plans and Goals

0:48 nicksbrews: What are you looking forward to most about marriage?

1:10 cailyn.pentecost: When did you decide to live together?

1:33 naomi.nall: What is something you are nervous about after being married?

1:57 ilonster: What’s the odds of y’alls firstborn being named Kennedy?

2:12 megan_stanford: How long was your engagement? How did you choose/decide on Destin as the destination for your Florida wedding? Was it difficult deciding to make it a smaller wedding? (I personally wish I could have a small wedding but it’s so hard thinking about everyone we wouldn’t be able to invite and would feel hurt/left out). What are some important tips you and Aubrie would give to someone planning their own wedding (@ me lol). Did either of you have your own version of your “dream” wedding before you met each other? I could go on with the questions, but I’ll stop myself there

3:49 ashleytawney: Cliche but how did you know you were the one for each other? How have you overcame large arguments? And lastly, what are three of your goals currently- life, fitness, anything!

5:15 vwalton58ff: What are some daily things you do as a couple? Daily, traditions or things you like to go do.

5:55 sidralifts: Do your coworkers give you grief about your healthy lifestyle? People at work are always commenting that my vegetables smell, or that I’m crazy for getting up at 4 am for fasted cardio, or aren’t I fit enough? I’m so tired of the haters

6:37 labutte: How you guys started dating!

6:53 rivaswifey_: Do you guys always post at the same time on purpose ? Lol always see your posts back to back.

7:18 desknightly: Should macros be followed during pregnancy?

8:04 accampo: Do you make New Years resolutions?

8:39 jdm_luis22: @bbromlow why you went in for Navy? Tips in how to get your Instagram with many followers?

9:15 fitoldfart67: How about why each of you chose your respective professions? Hope you are feeling better Brad

9:47 kurt_haller: If you would have gone into special forces when you were in the military, which one would you choose and why?

10:20 provoke4_13: @bbromlow and @aubriebwhat are you looking forward most to being married? Aubrie taking Brad’s name??

10:48 gjcrowley: How much have you spent on your wedding?

11:09 desknightly: When are you having babies ?!

11:22_fitness_1st_: What's the one thing that irritates you about each other?

12:01 comicoh: Any tips for someone over 40 beginning a fitness regime? Also, wanna send you guys some donuts from my fav local shop, can I do this after your wedding festivities? Best wishes

12:47 ms_marmaduke: Was it love at first sight (or swipe ;)? Fave actor? What do u say to people consider counting macros to be " disordered"? Would u be able to feel happy and content if forced to never count a macro ever again? What is something you think everyone should do at least once in their lives?

Who is the funniest person you know? Who is the biggest cry baby? Do you push the elevator button more than once? Do you really believe it makes the elevator faster?

14:06 troiylbengy: What should I do if I'm currently eating at my maintenance but still don't feel satisfied from the amount of calories I'm consuming? I'm also constantly thinking about food. Fyi. I've came off a cut a more than a month ago and reversed back up. Now I'm back at maintenance.

14:43 troiylbengy: Oh and HOW MANY KIDS ?

15:03 berlynable: What are some of your best tips on building muscle?

15:16 timlitzke: I'm currently on active duty in the army. Do you have any tips for someone making the transition from active duty life to the civilian life?

15:48 What do your friends/family think about your YouTube/instagram/etc.?

16:34 What you think is the biggest “fitness/healthy lifestyle myth” that people constantly talk about??

17:06 Biggest goal for the upcoming year?

17:15 im_wallz: Do seahorses eat tater tots?

17:33 theofficialmegp: What is your favorite memory of each other?

18:18 theofficialmegp: Will you come to Boston? (aka please come to Boston and do a meet up)

18:28 How is life with having Miley?

18:40 When are where is your wedding?

18:51 Wedding Registry


Wedding Registry:

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