If you're reading this, you might know that this week I got my period!!!

Wow Aubrie, that's not exciting at all. That actually really sucks haha...especially if you're trying to get pregnant. You're so weird. Why are you like this?!

Not sucky for me, guys and gals (okay, probably only gals at this point since this post is about the P word...the word that must not be named in man world). Getting my period is awesome because guess what?!

It happened on DAY 30!!!

For the past five cycles, I have been getting my period anywhere from 40-48 days apart (hence why I went into the doctor and ended up getting diagnosed with PCOS in the first place). Read more about my diagnosis process and symptoms here. Periods were light-moderate and normal but very far apart, which is not normal and cause for concern!

Side note: I have been off the pill for seven years now so that wasn't a factor in all of this. I have also been a regular type of gal since 9 years old. Yes, I got my period when I was 9.

As some of you might know, when I got diagnosed they prescribed me meds like Metformin (hello nausea and diarrhea for most) and some other more invasive meds to help me ovulate almost immediately. I wasn't interested, but maybe someday in the future this will be a good option if I'm not able to get pregnant on my own.

I knew I could take steps in my life to heal my body through food and more natural options. Although I was sad with my diagnosis, I took it as a sign that my body wasn't being treated as well as it could be.

I read the book "8 Steps to Reverse Your PCOS" and "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" and I made a plan.

For the last four weeks I have executed that plan about 85% of the time (hello I went to Vegas, a marriage conference weekend, I own a cookie company, and I love to eat). You can find my plan below, but just know that this is all based off of my research and the symptoms/characteristics I have in my journey with PCOS (read more about how I got diagnosed here). EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT.

Side note: I realize that a 30 day cycle may just be part of my irregularities, the ups and downs of PCOS. BUT I am choosing to be hopeful and optimistic. I will keep executing this plan to see if my periods go back to my typical 28-30 days for several months in a row!


1. green veggies at every meal (fiber is a must, even at breakfast)

2. eat every couple of hours to lessen insulin spikes and hunger (I am not insulin sensitive, but spiking it isn't favorable for hormones)

3. limit consumption of processed foods

4. decrease carbs to around 140-150g and increase fats to 70g-80g (this is MY normal, and this may not be a good option for YOU and your daily needs)

5. reduce sugar intake (did I mention I own a cookie company and I have a giant candy closet? this is a hard one)

6. rarely consume carbs on their own, always pair with protein or fats

7. different carb choices: boiled potatoes, berries, veggies, quinoa, oats

8. choose organic food items most of the time

9. no more pre-workout supplements

10. vegan protein powder only (discount code Aubrie)

11. decrease dairy intake (this was pretty easy)

12. listen to my body and honor it during workouts (if that meant less intense, so be it)

13. work to de-stress my entire life through prayer, more quiet time, more 'me time' (ha!)

14. no more energy drinks or soda, one cup of coffee in the AM

15. track cycle using a TCOYF graph, with daily BBT measurements and monitoring cervical fluid (this is how I knew I ovulated this month!) Read this book to see what I'm talking about!

MY SUPPLEMENT ROUTINE (everything is linked):


- Berberine before breakfast

- Omnizen (discount code Aubrie)

- Vitex

- Balance

- CBD oil (discount code Aubrie15)

- Organic Ceylon Cinnamon powder


- Berberine before dinner

- Omega-3s

- CBD oil

I have been pretty consistent in my supplement routine and diligent with my daily plan. And man oh man, have I been praying. Sometimes I feel like I don't pray enough thought, but that's just me being self critical! I want to do everything possible to improve my fertility. I had some minor headaches from Balance for the first week, and then Berberine did cause a little more digestive motility but other than that, nothing has really bothered me! After the initial adjustment period, I noticed clearer skin, less mood swings, higher libido, better digestion, and a clearer mind. If that doesn't speak for itself, I don't know what will.

Once again, PLEASE DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!! What I have going on is entirely different than what you might have going on even though we both have PCOS. Using the above plan and/or supplements will likely not be harmful to you, but you want to be as informed as possible about what YOU need to be healthier and combat your PCOS. There are many different characteristics when it comes to PCOS and each person should be treated as an individual.

I am very excited about my results so far taking this natural route. By sharing this, I want to help you feel empowered and encouraged to think outside the box and learn your body! Now that I know a little bit more about my cycle and hopefully continue to regulate it, I can start determining the best time to get pregnant.

God has wonderful timing and I know this and believe it with all my heart.

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