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If you didn't know already, Brad and I love a good cruise. I've been on five, he's been on over 30. We love the food, the music, the sunshine, and the excursions! We are headed out in about a week on the Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas with friends and clients, and I am so excited!

I wouldn't call myself a pro cruiser, but I've learned a lot about what to pack and what NOT to pack for a seven day cruise. You want to be comfortable because you will undoubtedly be bloated from the yummy food and travel in general. I hope you find the list below to be helpful to you, and if you see an item that is linked then that means it's my favorite!


Think comfortable/cute and keep in mind that most likely, you'll be in the sun all day every day with some cool night breezes.

1. 4-7 bathing suits (hang dry each day, but due to being in them most of the time, you'll want plenty of options and extras; also consider the excursions you're going on and if you'll need a one piece with plenty of support)

2. 5-6 workout outfits (if you're even working out...less outfits if you're not or you want to wear them more than once; I typically bring a blend of leggings, shorts, bras, and tanks)

3. 1-2 bathing suit cover-ups, or more! Make sure it covers you adequately, just in case you head to the buffet. They don't allow a lot of skin to be showing in there.

4. 1-2 pairs of pajamas or comfy wear (your room can be however warm you'd like, and half the time I spend it bundled up in my robe)

5. Underwear (duh, and pack more than you think you need)

6. Bras, different styles that can be used for whatever outfits you packed

7. One packable light jacket for nighttime and it helps if it is waterproof just in case

8. One light sweater that can go with all your outfits

9. 6-7 Fun dinner outfits! Jeans and a cute top with wedges, skirt with heels, maxi dress and sandals, romper and sandals, just for some ideas. There are typically two 'fancy' nights on a cruise of this length, and I've seen people in gowns and I've seen people in maxi dresses. Whatever speaks fancy and comfortable to you is what you should wear. Keep in mind that there are plenty of dance/music/club/bar atmospheres to go to so cocktail attire is usually what I drift towards. You will likely be bloated from food on the trip, so something flowy is a great option. Tight clothing just doesn't appeal to me on a cruise.

10. 1-2 pairs of dress heels/wedges to go with your outfits, the more versatile the better.

11. One pair of tennis shoes for working out that matches your workout outfits

12. Flip flops for the cruise deck/sunning

13. Comfortable strap-on sandals in case you're going on an excursion with a lot of walking

14. Sun hat or baseball cap (hello skin care)

15. Light sweatshirt for workouts (tends to be cold in the gym)

16. 3-6 daytime outfits...I find that I wear a lot of flowy dresses and bikinis during the daytime, but maybe you'll want to cover up more than that, especially depending on the weather. Sporty shorts paired with a tank, denim shorts with a tee, maxi dress, whatever you fancy :) I get all sunscreen greasy and sweaty from the heat, so I don't like to re-wear outfits. Maybe you will! Consider that

17. Fanny pack for your trips out to the deck and excursions

18. Small clutch or wristlet for evenings


1. Shampoo & Conditioner, Body Wash (they never give you enough, and theirs just, frankly, isn't any good)

2. Hairspray & hair products

3. Toothbrush & toothpaste

4. Makeup and the best makeup case EVER (although I often skip this during the day)

5. Deodorant

6. Curling Irons

7. Sunscreen (face and body, plenty of it)

8. Lotion

9. Hair bands

10. Contact solution and extra contacts

11. Glasses if you wear them

12. Aloe Vera Lotion if you burn easily


1. Jewelry for your evening wear

2. Lingerie if you're trying to get your sexy on

3. Ear plugs (thank me later, although halls typically tend to be quiet)

4. Coffee packets (their coffee sucks, just order hot water in the AM for room service and pop these into your cup)

5. Supplements like vitamins, protein powder, preworkout (discount code Aubrie on

6. One bottle of wine, if the cruise allows

7. Laundry bag if you desire

8. Playing cards

9. Steamer for your clothing (the one linked is the best EVER)

10. Sunglasses

11. Meds for a headache, stomach ache, etc.

12. Small water bottle to refill (we drink the ship water and it's really not bad)

13. Gum

14. Period stuff- I use a diva cup which will be so handy on the cruise because I won't have to mess with it all day long! P.S. Get the size that is right for you :)

15. ID

16. Passport (go check to make sure it isn't expired)

17. Wallet

18. First-aid items like band-aids

19. Perfume

20. Razor

21. Headphones

Men's Packing:

You can modify the above lists for men, but here are some items/tips you may want to consider.

1. Brad will workout in his lululemon shorts and then go sun in them as well, which saves packing space and allows for rewearing.

2. Go try on your nice evening wear to make sure it fits...made that mistake once or twice.

3. If your man has an athletic body check out these fitted dress shirts and use code Aubrie to save money to make your man look extra hot.

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