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Now that we have been with PEScience for over a month, we wanted to update everyone on some of our favorite products and flavors so far. This list comes just in time for their HUGE BLACK FRIDAY SALE, in which you can use either of our codes ('Brad' or 'Aubrie') to save a whopping 35%. The sale starts at MIDNIGHT EST on Black Friday and runs until 11:59 PST on Monday. Click on any of the pictures below for more information about that particular product.

1. High Volume: Our favorite product! This is a non-stim pump product used for pre-workout. Ten minutes before our workout, we take a full scoop stacked with either Alphamine or Prolific (depending on time of day...read below).

2. Prolific: Stimulant product used for pre-workout. Typically, we use this product if we have a morning workout, and we stack it with High Volume. We use this for energy and focus. Aubrie uses 1/2 scoop (she is more sensitive to caffeine) and Brad uses a full scoop.

3. Alphamine: This is categorized as a thermogenic 'fat burner.' No, it does not magically burn up your fat cells, but it does warm up the body and fuels you with energy. We use this product as a pre-workout for afternoon workouts because it isn't an extreme stimulant and won't keep us awake at night. We stack a full scoop with High Volume. Many people use this product during the day as a caffeine boost.

4. Select Protein: Unlike many proteins on the market, this is a casein/whey blend. We use this product in a variety of food items: protein oatmeal, protein ice cream, shakes with water or cashew milk, or baked recipes (it bakes REALLY well).

5. Protein Bars: We are always on the go, so it is nice to grab these bars for a quick snack. They have great macros, texture, and taste. They have 14g of fiber, so Aubrie can only eat 1/2 of a bar per day otherwise they hurt her stomach (if you have issues with digesting fiber, this may be the case for you as well!).

6. Amino IV: We drink these almost every day, mostly to add fun flavor to our water (HA!) but also for recovery help as well. The great thing about these BCAAs versus other brand's is that you don't have to consume them in conjunction with protein because they already contain EAAs.

Again, don't forget to use our discount codes "Aubrie" or "Brad" at www.pescience.com

If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to email us at dywfitness@gmail.com

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