My PCOS Diagnosis

I know this comes as a shocker (no, it really doesn't've been talking about it for years now) but I WANT KIDS! If I could have little rascally Bradleys running around everywhere, I would. I absolutely 100% trust in God's timing but let's be real, I'm a bit of a planner. When it comes to fertility, I've always had this fear of being infertile. Not sure where this comes from exactly, being that my mom had 7 kids and her mom had 15! My sisters and my brothers haven't had any problems either.

So here I am, thinking it's bound to just accidentally happen at some point and BAM WHOOPSY DAISY I'm pregnant! Yeah that hasn't happened yet. Believe me, I waited two years for it to happen and NOPE. As my 29th birthday approached, I started to feel a little bit of my clock ticking (like a faint, off in the distance ticking haha). To be proactive, I started tracking my period. Over the last year I went from 29-30 day cycles to 40-48 day cycles. At first I was thinking it was our trip to Germany, our road trip across the east coast, higher stress due to living with in-laws and our business growing rapidly...and while that all could be true, it wasn't something to take lightly. I needed to be informed about what the issue was!

I scheduled my ob-gyn appointment about a month out, and then ordered a full women's hormone panel of bloodwork to take with me to the appointment. As my bloodwork results started coming in, everything seemed perfect! Until, that is, I saw my testosterone out of whack. On my panel, it was a 48 and the tip-top of normal is 45. I didn't panic, but I was happy to have my doctor appointment scheduled in order to review everything.

As I sat down with the doctor, I proceeded to tell her about my irregular periods, my highly stressful year, and also showed her my bloodwork. With the highest confidence in the world, she looked at me and stated "I'm pretty sure you have PCOS."

I was shocked. I tried to keep my cool, but honestly I completely denied it. From what I knew of PCOS, I was supposed to have obvious facial hair, be overweight and unable to lose, and have glaring cystic acne. I couldn't believe the words coming out of her mouth! That was not me!

She suggested an ultrasound to check for cysts so after days of thinking that over, I reluctantly agreed to schedule the ultrasound.

I was SO hopeful going into the ultrasound. I thought there was no way I had cysts, heck I even thought maybe they'd discover I was pregnant! The technician, in the middle of the ultrasound, abruptly asked, "and there's no chance you could be pregnant right now, right??"

MAN I WAS SO EXCITED...I thought "she MUST be seeing something up there that looks like I might be pregnant!" BEST DAY EVER!!


The doctor came in and showed me all the little cysts hanging out in there. I was crushed. I couldn't even cry. I DIDN'T even cry until that night because I was still in a state of shock. Even thinking about it right now completely wipes me out.

What. A. Day.

And here I am, 4 weeks later writing this, as hopeful and as happy as can be. Hoping that somebody might read this and feel empowered and encouraged to take charge of their cycle and figure out if something's wrong.

Let me tell you, if you have any irregularities or you think something might be off in your cycle...go get checked out. Go find out what your body might be going through so that YOU can make necessary changes!

All in all, I only had irregular periods and ONE elevated hormone level. No facial hair growth, no huge acne breakouts, no energy fluctuations...

Meaning if you have more than that going on, you NEED to go figure out what's up! Problems in your cycle are a clear indication that something bigger is going on. Even if you're not trying to get pregnant, I highly encourage you to see what's up.

I pray that I can continue helping others and bringing awareness to PCOS and just cycle issues in general. Thank you so much for letting me share openly with y'all!

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