The American Dream

- July 26, 2018 -

Here I am, I feel like I’ve been here for months, going through items of clothing and meaningless items to get rid of. Piles and piles encompassing a whole three years of history accumulated within the walls of a 3,200 square foot home.

Homeless, nomad, gypsy life, bum, wanderlust, whatever you want to call it, we’re doing it. If you’re reading this, you may already know via YouTube that this is a decision we have come to in the recent months. We, unlike a lot of Americans, are going to quit the safety of our 401k jobs, get rid of all our precious, warm and fuzzy belongings to live life a little more simply. We feel called to travel, to see life through different eyes, [eat some great food] and meet people who have supported us through our journey.

Can’t you just picture it? Brushing your teeth without water, drinking out of only one cup, having three shirts to wear, scooting past your husband just to get to the toilet, lighting your camper on fire because you left the burner on too long, doesn’t it sound like a dream?

Okay for real though, we might be a touch of crazy.

For us, right now, this is our version of a dream.

I’m not sure how we made the ultimate decision to sell everything and hit the road. I believe the talk started shortly after our wedding in December. We have never wanted to be an ordinary, comfortable couple. Our life is very comfortable here in Houston. Stripping down to the bare life essentials and counting our pennies with every expense just isn’t the American way...but we want that. Brad and I really don’t like to be comfortable for too long. This is our small ‘crusade,’ if you will.

Our purpose on this trip will be to explore the entire country, one state at a time. We don’t have time a time limit but weather in some states will be a factor as we get into Fall and Winter. We would love to meet people who support us, eat some good food of course, document the best parts, and most of all just LIVE.

Yes, I will miss my work this year. I’ll miss seeing smiling little faces every day, hearing the chirp of a new school year down the hallways. Will Brad miss work? Not so much. If you know him just a little bit at all, the man cannot stand still, cannot think still, and sitting at a desk in front of a computer just isn’t for him right now. I could, and likely will, write a future blog post on this topic.

We don’t have kids…yet. We don’t have roots or reasons to stay where we are. Sure, we’re scared as hell and at times we lose faith that this will work. But at the end of the day, we feel that a lot of our hard work has led us to this point: A giant fork in the road; one way leads us to safety, staying the same, and standing still *road block sign envisioned ahead*, and the other route is full of risk but no road block signs, just an infinite journey.

We feel that every small piece of an intricate puzzle is starting to fall into place. In fact, there have been many puzzle pieces that straight fell from the timing of God, and I can’t wait to share those pieces in future blog posts.

Ultimately, we know that God doesn’t plant seeds without watering them and fostering them, so for right now we are shaping our ideas and dreams into a reality. We have faith that God won’t let us fail. Because really, what failure looks like is going back to our well-paying, 9-5 health insurance-y jobs and living what others may call “The American Dream” *insert white picket fence* … Failure does not exist.

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