At first it was a van. We wanted to buy a van. YES, TO LIVE IN. Not your momma’s mini-van, more like one of those creepy run-down church vans you see picking up kids for Awana on Wednesday nights. Okay, maybe nicer than that...if you've ever seen a Sprinter van, we were thinking one much like that. A van you could stand up in, lay down in, deck out to the nines with white tile and wood counter tops, insert a small toilet shower, and a contraption for a bed that allowed for table seating AND sleep. We were obsessed with this #vanlife idea for about four months. We were absolutely sold that this was the life for us.

Here's what we dreamed about for months straight....pretty amazing, right??

Then we realized how small a van was. HA!

And we realized it would likely take a year to build. Again, HA!

A van was a little too small for our liking (cue awkward side shuffle just to get to the bed at night). It was also a big undertaking when we weren’t even sure if life on the road was ‘for us’ yet.

Did we give up the idea of traveling? Heck no. We went straight to thinking we wanted a Class C motor home, of course! No build necessary, everything all inclusive. You walk in and there’s your driver’s seat and OH! There’s your bathroom and OH! There’s your bed. We had visions of Brad driving while I sat at the dinette and did computer work, Miley snoozing loudly on top of the queen bed. We considered this option so deeply that we went to tour some and even picked favorites. We loved the idea of having something so small and easy to drive that we could just take it right into the cities!

Here's the prettiest picture I could find to depict what we wanted....believe me, THIS is "pretty" in the RV world. Looks like a driveable turd, if you ask me! Pretty much all RVs are brown with weird swirl decor, you just have to run with it!

After thinking long and hard on this one (a matter of two weeks), a Class C just wasn’t for us. The BIGGEST reason why we didn't go with a Class C was because you couldn't leave it or venture off very easily. Although we wanted a vehicle small and stealthy enough to drive into the cities to see all of our peeps, we also realized that we would be hauling our home everywhere. Ain’t no drivin' your home through the Chick Fil-a drive-through, people!

Venturing off to a dinner date or fun meet-up with subscribers? Hi guys, hold on just one sec, let me find somewhere to park my semi. Hey subscribers, can we park our 24 foot home in your driveway please?! Oh and if the engine breaks down, can we also stay in a hotel for 3-6 weeks until it’s worked on? That for us was a big no-no. Our trip and plans would be ruined. *If you didn’t know this, when you have trouble with any motor home, there is usually a long line to wait in before it gets fixed….like months*

Next came the travel trailer vs. fifth wheel debate, and let me tell ya, all it took was one article on google and we were HOOKED to the idea of a travel trailer. Fifth wheels were simply too big for us. I know, I know, can’t imagine that an American couple without kids would want something smaller than 30 feet to live in, but that’s the way we want our life to look for the next year. Although the fifth wheel is more 'driveable', it was not where our hearts were calling us. Travel trailer was our best option!

Then came the hard part….deciding how big we wanted the trailer to be, how much we were willing to spend, and what model and design was perfect for us. We toured expensive ones, cheap ones, tiny ones, just-the-right-size ones, ALL different layouts. This is something we highly recommend others do too! Different layouts for different needs and lifestyles. For us, we knew we needed somewhere that both of us could easily work on our computers, an oven, a big enough fridge, limited slide-outs, adequate storage space, and also something small enough (but big enough too...if that even makes sense!). After two weeks went by of finding nothing within our budget (we were looking to get one for no more than $22,000 because we knew we wanted solar installed and that is expensive), we felt somewhat hopeless....

BUT THEN?! Hallelujah, PTL, we came across a slightly used one in Panama City, FL at Camping World. Just the right price, size, layout, and thankfully Brad's parents were able to go look at it for us before the big purchase. Brad's dad even worked his charm and got the price down for us (and by charm, I mean he got up from the desk and told them he wouldn't buy unless he got a certain price! Love that man). It was all said and done, the trailer was ours!

Finally, we could take a deep breath. This was all happening. We had a place to live while traveling the US. Next week on Tuesday, we will see our beloved home for the VERY first time. We bought it without seeing it in person, but we trusted our family to assess it for us. Are we nervous about seeing it in person? Oh yes, for sure. Are we going to find flaws in it? For sure. But once again, all of the pieces seemed to fall into place at the right time. Everything made so much sense. The Lord made it to be a simple choice, and we took it.

CANNOT wait to show y'all actual videos and pictures of the rig, but here is one lovely picture for now.

2017 Dutchmen Coleman 1805RB

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